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eCO2market is dedicated to providing independent, in-depth and professional carbon market data and analytics. Founded in September 2009 by two former ...

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eCO2market on February 13, 2012
Great piece about eCO2market on TechCrunch last week if you haven't seen it - and want to know more about what we do!
eCO2market on February 12, 2012
As usual, KQED does a bang-up job reporting on California and its climate change actions. Here, take a look at California's largest polluters. Although the data is a couple years old, don't you think these entities are probably the same today?
eCO2market on February 1, 2012
CDM project registration rush before December cutoff.

With the Clean Development Mechanism's murky future in the balance, project developers are rushing to register projects at a high rate. Do you think these projects are actively helping the fight against climate change?
eCO2market on January 9, 2012
What's going on with the EU ETS? Shouldn't prices be rising as we enter Phase III? eCO2market's Marius Frunza examines that question and sheds some light on what to expect with CER/EUA prices as we begin 2012.
eCO2market on January 5, 2012
2011 was a difficult year for carbon markets. Read our short retrospective about the CDM mechanism and how it fared last year.
eCO2market on December 22, 2011
eCO2market's Head of Research Dr. Marius-Cristian Frunza takes a look at the carbon market heading into 2012.

What do you think? Is the carbon market going to rebound so positively?
eCO2market on December 19, 2011
eCO2market offers its COP17/Durban Platform review.

What do you think? Was achieving "something" better than "nothing"? Do the results give you confidence in the nascent carbon market? What more would you have liked to see?