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Fair Labor Association


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Since 1999, the FLA has helped improve the lives of thousands of workers around the globe. By bringing together multiple stakeholders, calling for greater accountability and transparency from manufacturers, factories and others involved in global supply chains, and creating lasting solutions to exploitative labor practices, we are making steady progress toward fulfilling our mission: protecting workers’ rights and improving working conditions worldwide.

With the active involvement of universities, civil society organizations and socially responsible corporations, the FLA has formed a unique and powerful alliance that is effecting positive change around the globe.


Protecting Workers' Rights and Improving Working Conditions Worldwide.

The mission of the Fair Labor Association (FLA) is to combine the efforts of industry, civil society organizations, and colleges and universities to protect workers’ rights and improve working conditions worldwide by promoting adherence to international labor standards.

Why join
The FLA conducts independent monitoring and verification to ensure that the FLA’s Workplace Standards are upheld where FLA company products are produced. Through public reporting, the FLA provides consumers and shareholders with credible information to make responsible buying decisions.

Membership Rules
Participating Companies (PCs) make a sustained corporate commitment to the FLA by bringing their entire supply chain into the FLA program. When they join the FLA, PCs commit to fulfilling the 10 FLA company obligations (learn more on FLA's website).


Fair Labor Association

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