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Trinity Consultants / T3


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Sound Solutions Delivered Uncommonly Well

General Overview

Founded in 1974, Trinity Consultants is an environmental consulting company that specializes in industrial air quality issues. With offices nationwide and in China and the Middle East, we help organizations comply with applicable environmental regulatory requirements About Us-Landing Pageand optimize environmental performance for long-term sustainability. Trinity provides value to its clients in the areas of regulatory and sustainability consulting, environmental modeling software products and services, EH&S staffing assistance, and EH&S data management solutions.

We develop and implement intelligent solutions that efficiently achieve clients' environmental and related business objectives, while benefiting our employees and stockholders.

Trinity will be the premier global provider of intelligent environmental and business solutions. We will achieve client satisfaction by delivering unequaled value to our clients. Long- term partnerships with clients will be integral to meeting our business objectives. We will be dynamic in meeting the evolving needs of our clients and employees. Our culture will foster diversity, innovation, and growth. People will be eager and proud to be associated with Trinity Consultants.

Trinity’s core values represent an assurance of quality, professionalism, and reliability. To us, they are the foundation of our company, the standards against which we constantly judge ourselves. We are focused on client satisfaction, employee growth, and quality assurance.

Our Strategic Principle, "Sound Solutions Delivered Uncommonly Well," epitomizes the qualities that characterize Trinity, our products and services, and our employees. This principle drives our corporate decision-making and ensures that our clients will receive consistently high-caliber assistance.

Dallas, USA

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Sustainability Mission Statement
Trinity Consultants is committed to delivering high-quality consulting, software, and professional education to our clients in manner that balances long-term environmental quality with economic growth. We strive to achieve optimal performance with minimal adverse environmental and societal impacts.

Key Issues
Externally, we strive to assist our clients achieve environmental sustainability objectives in their operations via such activities as:
- Identifying greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction opportunities
- Reducing waste and identifying recycling opportunities
- Reducing resource consumption
- Identifying pollution control and minimization techniques
- Crafting corporate sustainability strategies
- Performing sustainability audits

Internally, we strive to improve our sustainability profile through the following commitments:
- Continually improve performance in all that we undertake via our ISO 9001 Quality Management System
- Quantify our greenhouse gas emissions profile and achieve transparency with respect to our stakeholders
- Reduce our resource consumption through such measures as use of electronic instead of paper deliverables, working with office lessors to reduce electricity use, office recycling, and working towards a “paperless” filing system
- Donate used office supplies/equipment to local schools and charitable organizations
- Reduce unnecessary travel via the use of web-based meetings and seminars
- Purchase energy-efficient appliances and electronics and utilize hibernation features on computers
- Purchase carbon offsets for certain employee travel
- Offer flexible working arrangements to employees such as telecommuting and compressed work hours
- Educate employees on sustainability issues


Trinity Consultants / T3

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