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Webinar: Embedding Product Stewardship Throughout the Supply Chain: How to Leverage Advanced Technology, Relevant Regulatory Content & Human Know-How to Ensure Compliance

By Chloe Pott on March 4, 2015

31Mar 201511:00
31Mar 201512:00
For businesses to effectively participate in the global marketplace, ensuring product level compliance with regulations is a base line requirement. A truly Professional Grade Product Stewardship program goes even further to address a broad spectrum of market access requirements and compliance obligations in order to position the organization to seize new opportunities, strengthen resilience and drive shareholder value. Such a program relies not only on skilled and committed people but also on a robust infrastructure including technology and regulatory content.

This one-hour webinar will deliver expert guidance and practical strategies from seasoned practitioners representing Enablon, ERM, 3E Company and RegScan. The panel will discuss the utilization of technology and regulatory content to satisfy current and emerging product stewardship and market access requirements providing tactical examples and use case scenarios.

During this webinar, you will learn about:
> Current and upcoming product stewardship and compliance obligations
> Strategic and tactical Product Stewardship solutions for global supply chains
> How to promote Product Stewardship, ensure compliance, and support business objectives with the right combination of technology & content

Join us for one hour on Tuesday, March 31st at:
- 11am Central Daylight Time
- 12pm Eastern Daylight Time
- 5pm British Summer Time
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