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Webinar: GHG Standardized: Leverage a Proven Turnkey Solution Designed for Midstream O&G

By Chloe Pott on January 8, 2015

10Feb 201512:00
10Feb 201513:00
Keeping up with Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reporting changes is a challenge. By leveraging a standard solution, and sharing among your midstream O&G peers, we can help you simplify your GHG and Emissions Inventory reporting.

In this brief webinar, we will discuss:
>The challenges around Greenhouse Gas Reporting and Emissions Inventory
>How you can leverage a proven Air Quality Management System to provide you greater efficiency and control over your reporting processes
>How a turnkey strategy helps you get going fast and adopt change quickly

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, this webinar will be of value:
>Is your current reporting solution ineffective? E.g. are you struggling with a non-standard solution based on MS Excel spreadsheets or a complicated custom solution in Access?
>Are you finding it difficult to keep up with regulatory change due to lack of available time and complexity of requirements?
>Are you interested in an enterprise and modular system, but are concerned about a long, involved and expensive implementation?

Join us with Sameer Vyas, Partner at Huco Consulting for this webinar on Tues. Feb 10th at 12pm CST.
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