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Sustainable Procurement - The New Era

By on January 22, 2013

10Feb 2011
Action sustainability brings you the first conference on sustainable procurement featuring international leaders

2011 will herald a new era in sustainable procurement and sustainability will become a mainstream skill for procurement professionals in this decade. With the publication of BS 8903, the world’s first standard for sustainable procurement practice, never has the need been greater for CSR and procurement leaders to discover how this new era will impact their organisation.

Action Sustainability's annual conference will bring together global visionaries and leaders from some of the world’s largest organisations to discuss best practice and shape the future of sustainable procurement.

This one-day conference will empower you to:

- Understand what the future of sustainable business looks like
- Apply the new standard for sustainable procurement, BS 8903, in your organisation
- Implement sustainability through your supply chain through learning from global leaders in the field
- Forecast the sustainability challenges your supply chain will face in the coming years and prepare for them now
- Explore how to measure how sustainable you supply chain is
- Remove the mystique associated with sustainability and put it in terms that procurement teams can understand
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