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Where's the Beef? Biotech Startups Disrupting the Food Chain

By on February 13, 2014

18Feb 2014
With recent advancements in tissue engineering and plant protein research, startups and food technologists are now engineering meat and other animal products to meet rising levels of global consumption.

Join us on Tuesday, February 18th to sample some of these products and discover how innovations in the biotech industry are disrupting conventional methods of food production. Find out if these technologies will provide a more sustainable food supply, reduce our carbon footprint, and steer us away from our carnivorous habits.

Questions to be addressed by the panel include:
- Will startups like Modern Meadow and Beyond Meat be able to capture a large chunk of the $6 trillion food industry?
- Will they revolutionize how we produce food?
- Will they reduce GHG emissions and our overall carbon footprint?
- What makes a food technology startup fundable?
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