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How To Select Sustainability Management Software

By on June 19, 2013

25Jul 2013
As sustainability management grows to encompass multiple financially material issues, and as pressure is growing on firms to manage and disclose sustainability information, firms are moving from excel spreadsheets to robust and auditable software solutions. But the sustainability software market is a confusing space with over 50 suppliers often morphing from EH&S, energy and carbon software beginnings. Vendor selection is a time-consuming, unclear and risky task for buyers in sustainability roles. However selecting the correct software accelerates data collection across multiple indicators and countries, and allows it to be reported rapidly both internally and to external stakeholders consistent with GRI, CDP or other frameworks.

This webinar helps buyers of sustainability management software such as heads of sustainability to understand which software platforms have the strongest capabilities. The insights are based on a detailed assessment against 87 criteria, 14 live product demos and 15 in-depth interviews with brand-name users of sustainability management software. We get to the bottom of the benefits of incumbents vs innovators and provide authoritative advice on how to select the software which best fits customer usage scenarios. The webinar compares the capabilities and market momentum of 15 sustainability management software providers: CA Technologies, Cloud Apps, Credit360, Ecometrica, Emex, Enablon, Global Carbon Systems, Hara, IHS, Locus Technologies, PE International, Process Map, SAP, Schneider and Verisae.
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