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4th Annual Corporate Responsability Reporting & Communication Summit

By on January 22, 2013

25Nov 2010
26Nov 2010
Of the 5,227 readers who took part in GRI’s Readers & Reporters 2010 survey, half use CR reporting to invest/divest in an organisation:

- Discover the secrets of putting the “–ing” in reporting – Why a static annual CR Report isn’t enough anymore, and what more you need to do
- Beyond debating integrated reporting as a concept – Get the facts from companies who have adopted it
- Harness the power of social media – Understand the need to ‘communicate with’ rather than ‘report to’ stakeholders
- Learn the art of effective communications – By creating bespoke messages and reports that directly answer stakeholder concerns
- Better link up communications efforts internally – To avoid making unrealistic / false commitments externally

One of the biggest shifts this year is in form as much as content. A research by Conran Design Group in 2009 found that CR annual reports are increasingly moving away from traditional printed media. This trend was confirmed by our own primary research with more than 30 senior CR reporting professionals, most of whom indicated a departure from the traditional printed format.

The traditional one-way, annual printed CR Reporting model appears to be creaking at the seams, especially so when expected to deliver progress against challenging sustainability targets and ever-changing expectations. In fact, none of the executives we surveyed could say with confidence exactly how many people read their reports, which stakeholder groups they belong to or if anyone ever read the reports cover to cover.

The 4th CR Reporting & Communications Summit will show you how to take your sustainability reporting to the next level of stakeholder engagement.
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