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International Corporate Citizenship Conference 2013

By on January 22, 2013

21Apr 2013
23Apr 2013
Design your vision for tomorrow at Boston College’s 2013 International Corporate Citizenship Conference

Each year the Center’s International Corporate Citizenship Conference draws hundreds of professionals from around the world. Leading policy makers from the largest domestic and international corporations attend - executives responsible for corporate citizenship, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, public relations, communications, work/life issues, and a wide range of community and business strategies.

Unlike other conferences, this event is open only to corporate managers. This ensures an environment where practitioners exchange ideas, experiences, and challenges with a knowledgeable and committed network of corporate citizenship peers from leading corporations, diverse industries and regions. Executives and practitioners from top companies share their perspectives, lessons learned, and offer candid insights. Interactive sessions present new methods and techniques to be more effective in developing integrated corporate citizenship strategies and programs.

This year’s conference theme - Designing Opportunity - emphasizes corporate citizenship's potential for fueling innovation and growth.
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