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European Waste Management Seminar

By in Enhesa on January 22, 2013

25Sep 2012
25Sep 2012
On 25 September 2012, Enhesa joins CHWMEG in welcoming industrial and manufacturing companies, as well as other EHS interested senior managers, to a seminar in Brussels. Enhesa waste management expert Gunnel Klingberg will be making a presentation on the latest regulatory developments impacting on you need to manage your waste in Europe.

All companies generate some amount of waste or spill. In today’s age. the environmental sustainability requirements expect an efficient management of the waste chain and the supply chain. Stewardship of waste and resources is an important part of the sustainability business as well as environmental sustainability of any organization.
In the upcoming CHWMEG & Enhesa seminar, the importance of industrial waste stewardship will be presented from an organization’s perspective. Actual examples from environmental problems will highlight the potential risks which can be foreseen with access to the right information. CHEWMEG reviews of facilities will be illustrated together with case studies from around the world.
While keeping focus on resources and waste generated and handled in Europe, the regulatory framework on waste management in Europe will be addressed especially. Together with a look on emerging trends and regulatory developments for waste management in EU legislation, examples from national situations with special attention to a company’s difficulties and opportunities will be provided. Although it will not be possible to address each European country in detail, the seminar will address some pertinent issues from various countries.
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