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By on January 22, 2013

2Oct 2012
3Oct 2012
Join the World’s Leaders Shaping the Face of Corporate Responsibility

Are you improving the role of business in society? You’re the CEO, board member, or head of corporate responsibility. You’re an investor, investment analyst, blogger, or member of the media. You’re a leading member of the academy, graduate student, or dedicated professional. You’ll get a year’s worth of connections and data in hours.

Do you lead your company’s responsible, sustainable, and transparent practices? You’re the head of corporate responsibility, sustainability, or governance. You lead environment, heath, & safety or human rights, supply chain, or risk management. You head up communications, marketing, or brand awareness. You’ll get practical tools to implement the next day.

Do you lead an NGO or non-profit? You’re an executive director, program leader, or project manager. You need corporate partners to help take on your toughest challenges. You’ll make the connections you need to take on ever-bigger challenges.

Do you evaluate the investment potential of responsible and sustainable companies? You’re an investor, analyst, regulator, or member of the business media. You need to understand trends, data, and measure the business value of corporate responsibility. You’ll interact with the world’s leaders in corporate responsibility and access the data behind the business value of corporate responsibility.
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