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Changing Landscape of Sustainability Indexes, Ratings and ESG Investing

By on January 22, 2013

8Mar 201211:00
8Mar 201212:00
Join over 50 leading companies who have already registered for The Changing ESG Landscape Quarterly Analyst Call. Acknowledged thought leaders Michael Muyot from CRD Analytics and Mark Serwinowski from award-winning sustainability performance advisory firm, MetaVu, discuss future trends of ESG reporting, performance and investing.

The Analyst Call will focus on:

Results of NASDAQ QCRD 2011 Semi-Annual Reconstitution Company Selection Process
• Common pitfalls of dropped companies
• Performance trends of re-listed or new companies
Learn How to Better Align With GRI G3.1 for Rankings and Indexes
Develop Capabilities for Measuring Sustainability Impacts and Shareholder Value for Non-Financial Professionals
Gain Insights into Leading Performance Indicators
Learn How Technology Enables Integrated Reporting
Discover New and Unique Ways to Communicate Sustainability ROI
Also more Future Trends that you need to prepare for now such as:
• GRI G4 Guidelines
• Integrated Reporting Framework

Presenters included:

Michael Muyot, President and Founder, CRD Analytics
Mark Serwinowski, Founder and CEO, MetaVu
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