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Social Media Crisis Communications Crash Course

By on January 22, 2013

16Nov 201109:00
16Nov 201113:00
As P&G, Nestle and Sony have learned, deploying old-school PR methods to defuse a reputation crisis is no longer acceptable corporate comms practice in an age where damaging “news” can break from a Twitter feed, blog post or YouTube clip. While these social tools can sink the reputation of a slow-footed organisation, they can be used to great effect by the social-savvy company to manage its communications swiftly, openly and with greater impact for all your stakeholders in a time of crisis.

Through a series of best practice examples and interactive role-playing, we’ll show you how to effectively handle a social media crisis and use social media to help manage and lead crisis communication.

This workshop is specially geared for PR, marketing, sustainability, corp comms and internal comms professionals with responsibility for online communications.
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