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Enterprise EHS Risk Management

By in Trinity Consultants / T3 on January 22, 2013

6Mar 201208:00
6Mar 201217:00
Many corporations manage EHS compliance and risk based on the regulations affecting their operations and areas that they may choose to address beyond statutory compliance. However, EHS risks are integrally tied to broader risks that affect a company’s business and operations, including strategic, operational, compliance, financial and performance. This course is intended for EHS and corporate risk managers, and provides an introduction to the concepts of enterprise risk management and how they can be applied to more holistic management of EHS risks. Through this course the attendee will be provided with an overview of traditional EHS compliance and risk management, and an introduction to various risk management guidelines and standards that companies use to identify, assess and mitigate risk. Various risk management guidelines and standards will be presented, including ISO 31000, COSO Enterprise Risk Management, Business Continuity Management and others. Case examples of how enterprise risk thinking can be applied to identify and manage EHS risks will be presented and discussed.
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