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Sustainability Reporting & Verification

By in Trinity Consultants / T3 on January 22, 2013

19Jan 201208:00
19Jan 201217:00
Reporting and disclosure of EHS and sustainability information has been on the rise for over two decades, by public and privately held enterprises and government entities. Similarly the verification of sustainability reports, and more recently greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories and environmental/carbon attributes has been increasing. This course is intended for EHS and sustainability/corporate responsibility managers, providing an overview of the complexity of ‘sustainability’ reporting and the value and challenges to verifying/validating reported sustainability data. Through this course the attendee will learn the various voluntary and statutory means by which sustainability data can be reported, where independent verification may be required and not, and the process and standards by which verification is performed. The course will address broad based sustainability reporting and verification, including reporting and verification of GHG emissions. Various standards and indices will be addressed, including ISO standards, accounting standards, Global Reporting Initiative, SEC disclosure requirements, Dow Jones Sustainability Index, and others. Case studies will be utilized to illustrate the concepts and challenges to effective reporting and verification.
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