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Webinar - Strategies for Corporate Sustainability

By on January 22, 2013

27Jul 2011
Ethical Impact’s Kathryn Alexander speaks with Craig Shields about corporate sustainability, and what business people can learn from nature.

* What are the Ecological Laws that act as Environmental Imperatives that have guided
life and all interdependent systems on this planet for millennia?
* Acting in concert with nature shouldn’t be seen a cost item, but as an opportunity
to create inventive new profit centers. What are the practical systems of innovation
based on the ecological laws and wisdom of nature?
* What can “biomimicry” mean to do? How can your business processes be enhanced
by learning from 3.7 billion years of nature’s own research?
* As a business leader, how can you can extract yourself from old-line thinking, begin
to think like nature, and seed innovation into the DNA of your organization?
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