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26th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition

By on January 22, 2013

5Sep 2011
9Sep 2011
We expect many presentations addressing the technology developments which shall lead towards 2020, and in particular regarding Europe's share in producing this expected quantity. The timing of the 26th EU PVSEC coincides with a year when the European Commission plans new initiatives to foster innovation in key energy technologies. Will the costs of such massive production further decrease? How and where will large arrays with more than 100 MW be deployed? Which countries will reach grid parity within this year or the next few years? Will sunny countries install more concentrating PV systems than solar thermodynamic plants? What developments can be expected in other regions of the world, notably in China, in the US and in Africa? You will agree that there are exciting times ahead and the 26th EU PVSEC will surely provide more insight. The exhibition will again be the showroom of the PV industry and for you the occasion to check out products, equipment and new materials. Certain aspects of PV deployment will be deepened in special parallel events, offering also some surprises.
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