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EBBF - European Bahai Business Forum

By Renaud El Ghozi on January 22, 2013

6May 2011
8May 2011
“In a radically interdependent, increasingly transparent, tightly hyperconnected, brutally hypercompetitive, and viciously volatile world", as stated by Umair Haque of Harvard Business Review, ebbf invites leaders and potential leaders to meet with a New Paradigm of Business.

During this weekend EBBF will give you the tools to learn how you can positively influence your own work environment.

You will find out and interact with leaders who are applying this New Paradigm of Business, creatinga strong sense of purpose and a coherent set of behaviours that drives them and the people working in their organizations to success in these uncertain times:

- How did Rüdiger Fox transform a fledging global electronics manufacturing company into a successful enterprise, motivating its human resources to the point of being able to produce electronic parts in Germany and selling them to China?

- How is Carrie Freeman using her values to drive Intel’s sustainability strategy and the creation of a social return on investment framework?

- How did Fash Mahjoor enable his company to win the Wall Street Journal's best company to work for prize, making it one of the best companies in the entire USA and an increasingly profitable one as a consequence?


- Redefining common terms
What is common to all thriving organizations is a clear sense of purpose and a clear definition (or re-definition) of terms often used loosely:
what is and how do we contribute to wider prosperity?
How can sustainability translate into a successful company?
How can justice fit into an economic system and motivate the people working in it?

- Examples of success
A number of leaders will offer testimonials of their own results. Of the prosperity they have created for their organizations and the wider community of stakeholders that they interact with.

- Offering a path
You will be shown practical ways and tools, the paths that successful companies have walked to remain innovative, meaningful and leaders in their fields.

- Making it happen
A parallel track will see participants devote their energy, ideas and experience to address one issue that you will have highlighted and voted as the most pressing. By Sunday we aim to offer a solution or a way forward that others will also be able to use.

- Finding meaningfulness
- Finding answers at a personal level
- Using these answers when making decisions at the work place

- Balanced life between work, family and service to the common good.
- Building trust and care among your social network at work.
- Passive attitude in your organization replaced by passion.
- Enviroment allowing new ideas to arise and creativity to flourish.
- Micromanagement replaced with empowerment.
- Ability to concentrate on essentials.
- Constant learning and adjustment compared to status qui earlier.
- Feeling part of an existing global movement creating a better world.
- Balance, happiness and joy within people.
- Reaching a spiritual balance.
- Application of virtues throughout one’s life.
- Better and sustainable financial results.

A diverse group of women and men who cross generations, borders, sectors and beliefs with a common passion for the application and search for innovation, values-inspired leadership, moral and ethical values in their work environment.

CEOs, directors, business owners - entrepreneurs, young professionals, MBA students and executives - social innovators: you will meet like-minded individuals keen to explore and share ways to inspire a new paradigm of work. A successful, values-driven one.
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