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Ethanol Summit 2011

By on January 22, 2013

6Jun 2011
7Jun 2011
Launched originally in 2007 by the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (UNICA), the Ethanol Summit is now one of the world’s top events focused on renewable energies, particularly sugarcane ethanol and the expanding array of sugarcane-derived applications.

In 2011, for the third edition of the event, more than a thousand participants and 120 speakers from all continents will converge at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in São Paulo for 15 panels, four plenary sessions, two major ceremonies, plus a series of parallel events and meetings.

Solutions for the Low Carbon Economy will be the major overall theme of the event, which will lead the discussions well beyond the use of ethanol as a motor fuel to a variety of new trends and uses emerging around the world, for ethanol and sugarcane itself. From the growing use of bioelectricity generated from burning sugarcane bagasse in high efficiency boilers, to the increased use of ethanol in the production of bioplastics and progress in the development of so-called second generation ethanol, advances in flex-fuel technology for motor vehicles and in biotechnology, leading to the production of biohidrocarbonetos from sugarcane, including diesel, gasoline, jet fuel and fine chemicals.

All topics will be discussed and moderated by recognized experts, researchers, investors, leading business executives and government officials from around the world, gathered in the country where the world’s most successful project for the large-scale replacement of a fossil fuel with a renewable option is a reality.
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