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World Economic Forum on Latin America 2011

By on January 22, 2013

27Apr 2011
29Apr 2011
Latin America, a thriving region of more than 600 million people, has a promising decade ahead. It is a leading global trader of agro-products with major reserves of raw materials and immense rainforests, which are vital for the global climate and hold potential for renewable energies. Major global environment and sports events are to take place in the region in the coming years, and most countries are on the front line in attracting private investment. They offer remarkable opportunities for a growing number of modern industries to develop, while innovative reforms are being promoted to foster economic growth and improve the quality of life for the majority.

- How can infrastructure be expanded, innovation facilitated and logistics modernized to further promote national and regional competitiveness?
- How can Latin America promote security as a democratic value, eradicating crime and enforcing the rule of law?
- How can the region enhance environmental sustainability across the value chain?
- How can Latin America develop its potential to become the world's supplier of food, energy and oxygen?
- How can business contribute to Latin America’s ongoing growth and progress?
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