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ExperienceCSR - Melbourne

By on January 22, 2013

13Apr 2011
Attended by hundreds of managers in Australia since 2005, ExperienceCSR remains our most enduring and popular flagship CSR strategy workshop. The ability to experiment with CSR strategy and try new things affords participants the opportunity to build confidence in a safe environment ahead of real world application.

Whether you are learning about CSR or an advanced practitioner, this one-day program will give you a great foundation to create or review your organisation’s CSR strategy and tactics.

ExperienceCSR is our award-winning web-based CSR strategy simulation which places participants in the role of CSR advisor to a hypothetical company that stands on the brink of success or failure, depending on the decisions you make.

Participants create a CSR strategy that appeals to diverse stakeholders, using an array of nearly 60 classic CSR tactics, within a limited time and budget.

Now completely revised and updated with new tactics and stakeholders, ExperienceCSR will engage, motivate and teach you best practice CSR in an enjoyable team-based environment.
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