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Enablon Product Brochure - Enablon IMS - Incident Management System

By Chloe Pott in My Enablon on July 24, 2012

Enablon IMS is a solution for operational management of incidents and accidents, risk management and QEHS performance management

Tougher EU legislation on industrial risks (Seveso directive) along with major disasters (AZF-France, Seveso, Piper Alpha) have given rise to a number of new legal procedures on risk prevention in the workplace.

Beyond these regulatory aspects, reporting and managing quality, environment, health and safety (QEHS) data is today all the more essential as it helps companies manage risk better, improve their operational performance and reduce their costs.

A modular and integrated solution for permanent QEHS performance and risk management

Enablon IMS meets all event (incidents, accidents, etc.) reporting, management and monitoring needs, both for individual sites and the Group as a whole.

As a comprehensive and integrated full-web solution, Enablon IMS offers a range of business functionalities and modules, including:

- Incident Management
- Risk Management
- Regulatory Compliance
- Sharing of QEHS Information
- Monitoring, Management and Improvement of QEHS Performance

Download the product brochure to see the detailed functionalities of Enablon IMS.
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