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Sustainability Report - Performance Update - 2010

By in Agrium on October 27, 2011

Knowing that we’re a part of the essential activity of growing food for a growing population not only inspires us; it fills us with a sense of responsibility. And with responsibility comes transparency.

We have published comprehensive, hardcopy sustainability reports every two years since 2003, our most recent covering 2008-2009. This is the first time that we have prepared a performance update in the alternate year. This report is focused on providing updates on our performance in key areas. Our biennial report for 2010- 2011 will include program descriptions, examples of employee initiatives, and other narrative discussion. Relevant policies and more detailed information concerning our sustainability efforts are provided on our website (
Transparency holds us accountable to our stakeholders. Just as important, it also motivates us to improve our environmental, social and economic performance.
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