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Par dans Bureau Veritas le 2 Mars 2012

Founded in 1828, Bureau Veritas is a world leader for the provision of conformity assessment and certifi cation services in the areas of quality, health, safety, the environment and social responsibility (“QHSE”). The Group’s business involves inspecting, testing, auditing or certifying products, assets (such as buildings,
industrial infrastructure, equipment and ships) and management systems (particularly against ISO standards) based on regulatory or voluntarily adopted standards.

The Group is one of the world leaders in the markets where its
businesses are present:
• ship classifi cation;
• industry services;
• inspection and verifi cation of equipment in service;
• construction services;
• certifi cation of management systems or services;
• inspection and testing of consumer products;
• services related to customs control and international trade
services; and
• inspection and testing of commodities.

The acquisition of Inspectorate in September 2010 has enabled the Group to
become one of the leaders in this market. The Group currently operates in 140 countries through a network of 930 offi ces and 330 laboratories. It employs almost 48,000 people and has a portfolio of over 400,000 customers.
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