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T3 - Pocket Solutions

By in Trinity Consultants / T3 on November 1, 2011

Throughout industry, gathering field data is a routine yet important requirement.
Environmental, Health, and Safety (EH&S) regulations continue to increase, along with
the documentation required to demonstrate compliance. As a result, the accurate gathering of data and the accessibility of information have become more crucial than ever.

T3, a division of Trinity Consultants, has developed Pocket Solutions that turn handheld devices into powerful, economical tools for EH&S and maintenance data gathering and reporting. These solutions:

• Replace hand-written data sheets and logbooks
• Allow for easy and timely data transfer to database applications for storage and/or printing in various formats
• Accelerate the process and reduce effort associated with recordkeeping and reporting
• Minimize the risk of human error
• Improve the accuracy and consistency of recorded data
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