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Education & Certification

By on July 30, 2013

Saul J. Swartout, USA
Associate in Risk Management (ARM) and ISO 31000 Alignment
-Defining risk in relation with objectives
-Framework and Process
-The new version of ARM aligned with ISO 31000
-A global perspective in risk management education

Anthony Davidson, USA
Transformning Theory into Practice
-Linking theory to practice
-Changing the way of thinking conceptually
-Learning from past mistakes
-The road ahead to align risk management curricula with ISO 31000

Jacquetta Goy, Canada
Building up a network of trainers delivering ISO 31000 courses, worldwide
-Why an individual certification on ISO 31000 ?
-Content of the courses proposed by G31000
-Assessing the demand for training and certification
-Building a network of trainers - current status and trends
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