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By on July 30, 2013

Christopher E. Mandel, USA
Leveraging ISO 31000 for ERM Success
-How ISO 31000 aligns with ERM priorities
-Strategy as the core competency of high performing ERM
-Where does Strategic Risk Management (SRM) come in to the picture?-How ISO 31000 as a framework/standard can facilitate success in ERM
-What's the next level for progressive risk management?

Eyvind Aven, Norway
ERM in Statoil and ISO 31000 - A practical example
-ISO 31000 and organization versus Statoil
-Risk appetite and core risks
-Strategy and risk
-Management by Objectives versus ERM

Jeevan Perera, USA
NASA's Risk Management Approach
-In-depth discussion of NASA's risk philosophy, tools and processes
-Overview quantitative and qualitative risk assessment techniques
-Design, development and implementation of organization-wide risk frameworks
-Presentation of case study illustrating practical approaches to risk management and lessons learnt
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