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Sustainability 2.0: Current trends at the confluence of social media and CSR

SLM is proud to launch a high-impact, tailored version of our latest research report in collaboration with our partner, Zumer Interactive - Sustainability 2.0 - Current trends at the confluence of social media and CSR. Our goal for this report was to understand how the current intersection of social media and sustainability is being managed by successful Brands – and to provide executives, brand communicators, and all those involved in social media execution the insights necessary to make informed strategic decisions in this space.

We started by analyzing the activities of Fortune’s 50 most admired companies across 4 major social media platforms, and supplemented this data with qualitative interviews with over 40 executives from today’s leading brands. Together, these pieces create the most complete look at the intersection of social media and sustainability available today.

From our vantage point, this intersection of social media and sustainability is a right-of-passage for companies seeking Authenticity, a momentum-changing force for companies in today’s economy. The rewards for companies that manage authentic communications are enormous. Authenticity not only allows companies to more effectively manage their external reputations and brand perceptions, but it encourages greater employee engagement and improved recruitment opportunities. And the most authentic companies are able to open up new market opportunities because they avoid being defined by market perceptions.
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