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Corporate Citizenship Report - 2008-2009

By in Accenture on October 29, 2011
2009 - Framework: GRI

In the last few years a broad spectrum of critical issues, from the global economic crisis and climate change to the needs of disadvantaged individuals and communities, has challenged the character of organizations around the world. These challenges have also provided new opportunities for business to demonstrate courage, values and leadership.

In particular, running a sustainable organization has become central to high-performance businesses and governments. Whether viewed solely as “green” or energy issues, or defined in the broadest possible sense, as the impact of a business on society in every dimension, sustainability has become one of the most significant issues for society and has risen to the top of the global business agenda in recent years.

At Accenture, we anchor our commitment to corporate citizenship and sustainability in the six core values that guide our decision making as well as our interactions with clients and our colleagues. These simple, yet powerful, values—Stewardship, Best People, Client Value Creation, One Global Network, Respect for the Individual and Integrity—complement Accenture’s Code of Business Ethics and shape the culture and character of our company.
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