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Ebara CSR Report 2011

By in Elliott Group on October 28, 2011

The EBARA Group’s objective is to grow as a trusted enterprise, while communicating with its stakeholders (various internal and external interested parties involved with the EBARA Group).

This Report is issued to inform our stakeholders of how we are working on CSR. We welcome your comments and cooperation, which will lead us to further improving the report. EBARA signed the United Nations Global Compact as a company, and submitted the CSR report as an annual report (Communication on Progress) to the United Nations.

EBARA has been publishing the CSR Report since FY 2008, covering the previous environmental reports issued up to 2007. The last three releases of the CSR Report were organized in line with the EBARA Group’s Code of Conduct. The FY 2011 issue of the CSR Report not only presents the CSR activities conducted during FY 2010, but also offers an insight into the CSR activities that were carried out over the last three years according to the E-Plan 2010 mid-term management plan set forth in 2007. This was done to more clearly illustrate the concept of how CSR activities are supporting business continuity and growth.
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