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Enablon Product Brochure - Enablon IDM - Initiatives & Donations Management

By Chloe Pott in My Enablon on July 24, 2012

Software Solution Dedicated to Corporate Community Investment and Initiatives & Donations Management

Companies with a proactive triple bottom line approach understand now more than ever the powerful return of imbedding Corporate Social Responsibility practices within their organizations.

Through their programs, companies invest corporate assets in the form of money, employee time or in-kind donations. With global operations becoming the norm, being able to manage local community initiatives as well as large scale global initiatives in a centralized fashion is key.

However, the lack of visibility surrounding the CSR initiatives, their impacts, results and costs often correlates into an uncertain ROI. In order to leverage their investments, CSR Executives are looking towards technology to help quantify the value of these non-financial business drivers.

Measure, Manage and Enhance the Benefits of your Corporate Community Investment

Enablon’s Initiatives & Donations Management tool is a comprehensive solution that helps companies report, assess and manage their corporate community involvement. The solution can be tailored to companies' specific analysis criteria.

Enablon Initiatives & Donations Management includes the following functionalities:

- Manage your community initiatives portfolio
- Monitor your corporate investments
- Assess your community activities benefits and impacts
- Report and communicate on your initiatives

Download the product brochure to see the detailed functionalities of Enablon IDM.
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