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Transparency International Denounces Corruption Through an Interactive and Digital Report

Transparency International really took one big step towards transparency with its new Global Corruption Barometer 2013.

In an attempt to set an example, the organization released its latest barometer through an online and digital website. Dozens of reporting disclosure best practices can be found, but here's our TOP 10 :

1 - The ability for readers to embed a graphic on another website
2 - The "Share the positive" vs "Share the negative" Facebook buttons
3 - The map slider which enables to have global indicators according to different relevant aspects
4 - The other national graphics which are very interactive
5 - The ability to download the barometer methodolody, along with all data
6 - The Disqus feature to leave public comments
7 - The Twitter widget to directly jump into the #conversation
8 - The embedded videos
9 - The social media sharing buttons available on every page
10 - The infographics available for download

Have you read this report yet? What do you think of it?

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