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Buy Smart - Green Procurement for Smart Purchasing

By on April 3, 2013

- A wider distribution of energy related "greener" procurement by disseminating standardised tools via e-procurement platforms and business networks.
- 460 consultations, 168 in-house consultations and 70 trainings have been performed. This resulted in 37 finished pilot projects with savings of 105 GWh/year and in addition 2,500 GWh/year for the two unexpectedly large pilot projects preparing purchasing guidelines for Berlin and Donauwörth.

Buy Smart has promoted, implemented and further developed the instrument of green procurement (procurement of energy efficient products) in private and public institutions, using the established green procurement guidelines developed in the GreenLabelsPurchase project. The project has not provided new tools but addressed the main barriers which are presently hampering a broad implementation of green procurement. With extensive training offers, capacity building has been be enhanced. Policy recommendations have been developed and channelled into the discussions to strengthen green procurement in the revision of the NEEAPs (national energy efficiency action plans) in 2011.

How to:
Use Guidelines, Criteria, Calculation Tools, Training Modules from


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