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Generate Recycling Through Social Media: Best Practice from Nokia

The challenge: To find a way to get people interested in phone recycling.

The idea: Luckily, people love their old Nokia phones, and still love talking about them. This was Nokia’s chance to talk about recycling in a whole new way. Five historic Nokia phone personalities were brought to life online and struck up conversations with Nokia fans on Twitter. Each phone encouraged recycling… as long as it wasn’t them. The phones were recycled in order of Twitter popularity. All activity linked back to Nokia’s recycling network, explaining the ins and outs of where and how to recycle. They used Nokia blogs and Facebook to fuel Nokia nostalgia and get people recycling.

The outcome : Nokia reached over 170,000 people in 44 countries via social media channels. Local markets loved the campaign enough to make a Chinese version. This quirky and fun approach was an effective way to generate excitement around phone recycling.

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