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Social Media & Sustainability Index 2012 > 10 best practices

By in Social Media Influence on February 24, 2012

In last year’s report we lamented the massive amounts of time, effort and money that were spent on producing annual corporate and sustainability reports only for them to languish in the bottom desk drawer
of vaguely interested stakeholders, or buried online, eight links deep, in the sustainability section of a company’s website.

This year we’ve seen great progress, and not a little imagination in the way companies have worked to the dungeons of disinterest. Based on what these companies are doing, we've compiled this best-practice guide of Sustainability Report suggestions:

1/ Add a GE

2/ Make your microsite Alstom

3/ Allow comments on your online Timberland

4/ Let users play with your data through an interactive Materiality SAP

5/ Offer regular SAP (again)

6/ Provide a compelling video North Face

7/ Publish your report no Alcatel Lucent

8/ ...or on Danisco

9/ Crystalize all your key findings in a shareable and McDonalds

10/ Create a shareable digital map like Ford

While in 2010 just 15 out of the 120 companies (12,5%) we profiled made their Sustainability Reports shareable and "social", this year 36 out of our newly revised 100 Social Companies (36%) have done so.

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