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The true purpose of a brand is to tell a story. It is a company’s way of expressing who they are, what they do and how they fit into a customer’s world. This expression and resulting perception sets the tone for a customer’s relationship with a company and the interactions that ensue.

When we first started P3 Sustainability Consulting, our brand was actually completely different. Our name was “Kennedy & Green,” an incorporation of Kennedy St., a somewhat symbolic place for two of our cofounders, and the green sector. Our brand concept was clean and upscale, a bold black background with our name in all caps in a font resembling a fashion house or the Bloomberg logo. “Kennedy” was written in white, and the only color used was green (for “Green”) to drive home the tie to sustainability. It was polished, but the story was stale: another pedigreed consulting firm. While these are certainly minimum expectations we hold ourselves to, they hardly begin to tell our story.

P3 was started by a young group of scientists and business professionals that had experience working with government entities, academic institutions, and large CPG companies. We had worked on the business side of FB&A, seen the inception of sustainability metrics of major retailers, sat in global UN meetings and worked on development boards for universal standards such as the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board. From these experiences we noticed a void. Organizations were failing to quantify and consider multiple impacts, understand their total impact across the supply chain, or use sustainability as a differentiator. In some cases sustainability was used as a “greenwashing” marketing angle, with the opportunity for resource optimization and competitive advantage missed entirely.

Thus we began P3 to bring our fresh hybrid of science and business expertise to actually change the way businesses operate. We created a brand that expressed our triple bottom line approach, people, planet and profit (P3). With hexagons to represent our scientific methodology, bright colors to represent fresh ideas and completely original design elements created by our own team incorporated into our media, our brand tells a much very different story now than it did as “Kennedy & Green.” We created our Insights page to express our current thinking and important news, sharing our core values of research and innovation. The companies we work with are the companies who take identify with these core values. They aim to sustain and grow rate of production without resource scarcity that is a threat to both businesses and our immediate environment. They change processes so they are void of unnecessary risks, and they implement internal training to create the utmost environmental benefit by modifying behavior. Finally they understand that people, planet, and profit are all essential to long-term survival, partnering with us to look ahead to be the companies of tomorrow.

Download the attached file: P3 Sales Brochure.pdf

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