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Sustainability:Key Performance Indicators for Manufacturing Industry

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Environmental performance
1. Emissions
(1) Air emission
(2) Water emission
(3) Land emission

2. Resource utilization
(4) Energy utilization
(5) Water utilization
(6) Fuel consumption
(7) Land used

3. Waste
(8) Solid waste
(9) Hazardous waste
(10) Waste water
Economic performance

4. Quality
(11) Product reliability
(12) Product durability
(13) Conformance to specification
(14) Customer complaint
(15) Scrap and rework
(16) Reject rate

5. Cost
(17) Material cost
(18) Setup cost
(19) Overhead cost
(20) Inventory cost
(21) Unit cost
(22) Labor cost

6. Delivery
(23) On time delivery
(24) Delivery lead time
(25) Delivery speed
(26) Cycle time
(27) Due date adherence
(28) Schedule attainment

7. Flexibility
(29) Volume flexibility
(30) Product flexibility
(31) Process flexibility
(32) Technology flexibility
(33) New product development
Social performance

8. Employee
(34) Training and development
(35) Occupational health and safety
(36) Turnover rate
(37) Job satisfaction
(38) Community satisfaction

9. Supplier
(39) Supplier certification
(40) Supplier commitment
(41) Supplier initiative

Herwe, ar Aditya Birla Insulators , we have integrated sustainbility with business excellence. We are following the model which best suits our type of industry. Sustainability has becoming an increasingly important issue amongst companies around the world. It is a critical and timely topic, a major concern internationally over the last decade , a major
competitive factor for many manufacturing companies and an important concept to survive the competitive environment .Increasing concerns to sustainability have forced manufacturing companies to consider sustainability into their strategies and activities. In response to the growing sustainability concerns, manufacturing companies have to formulate measures to evaluate sustainable manufacturing performance, aiming at integration of sustainability aspects. Generally, sustainability is evaluated by environment, social, and economic; known as the three pillars of sustainability.
Although literature on sustainability is abundant and growing, very few studies have actually integrated sustainability into manufacturing performance. Sustainability has been integrated into manufacturing management areas such as product development ,supply chain management , lean manufacturing
and supplier evaluation and selection.

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