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Launch of Sustainability Roadmap for Chemicals, Fertilizers and Insulators Business

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Aditya Birla Group- Chemical, Fertilizer and Insulators Business
Launch of Sustainability Roadmap for Chemicals, Fertilizers and Insulators Business – Indian Units at Grasim Industries Limited, Chemical Division, Nagda

Members Present: M/S Tony Henshaw, Ravindra Sitani, Himanshu Nautiyal, K.S.Venkatagiri (CII),Shikhar Jain (CII), Mukesh Mahbubani and representative from Grasim Chemicals-Nagda, ABCL-Renukoot, ABCL-Rehla, IRRL-Veraval, Grasim Chemicals – Vilayat, Indo Gulf fertilizer-Jagdishpur, ABIL-Halol and ABIL-Rishra.
Sustainability meet began with Aditya Vandana and Lamp Lighting. Mr. Himanshu Nautiyal shared with the team the common roadmap for Chemicals Fertilizers and Insulators which has been prepared with inputs from Corporate Sustainability Cell, Units and CII. He shared with the teams the objective of the two day meet as sharing the ‘sustainability road map’ and developing a common unit governance structure based on Nagda experience. The participants were to work in teams and present their understanding of the assigned criteria to other members.
Mr Lalit Naik and Mr Jhanwar connected through VC to give direction to the participants.
Mr Naik also welcomed Mr Tony Henshaw and mentioned that in case time permits, he can visit the plant and see the safety practices followed by the unit. Mr Naik mentioned that the sustainability should be a unit initiative .He stressed that it should not be taken as an additional burden and should be done to improve compliances. He also mentioned that unlike DuPont, CII will not be involved very deeply for implementing sustainability initiative at units. Mr Naik stated that while Chlor Alkali has taken lead to roll out sustainability initiative and IRIL , Veraval is also keen to launch this initiative, since the members from Fertilizers and Insulator units are present, it is advisable that they take the learning’s and start implementing in their respective units.
He emphasized the need for a simple dashboard for the monthly review by him on the progress.
Mr Jhanwar , said that in Chlor Alkali, we are already working on certain aspects like Energy conservation, water and environment which remain a high focus area for the Chlor Alkali Business besides DuPont for safety. The units need to work on stake holder engagement and future proofing, however Mr Jhanwar mentioned that unit should prioritize its activities for smooth implementation.
He welcomed members from other businesses at Nagda and requested them to take factory round and give suggestions.
• Mr. Tony in his presentation shared Chairmen’s vision and shared the ABG sustainability framework. He stressed the need for Business units to meet compliances at global level in our operations by 2017 as the norms are going to be stricter every year due to multiple forces working. Responsible stewardship is a very important aspect for meeting global benchmarks. He also explained the concepts of other aspects e.g. Stakeholder engagement and Future proofing, which are very crucial to drive innovation based on study of market trends.
• M/s Venkatagiri from CII , made presentation covering the good practices from other industries for environment related aspects like energy, water and waste etc. and cover innovative concepts like energy scorecards and tele presence from CISCO. He mentioned that we should be able to set trends rather than following others. He also mentioned that the business should implement latest technology and work with the technology suppliers early on at pilot stage as it will not only give the technology advantage but also substantial cost benefit compared to followers.

Mr Shikhar Jain made presentation to highlight the need for sustainability initiative and shared that, there is a growing pressure from external forums. Shareholders are putting pressure on the businesses for sustainability reporting. He mentioned that, Tata Chemicals started sustainability reporting some ten years back and we can take inputs from it. He suggested all the data should be validated by finance and it has to be uniform in all reporting.

Mr.Himanshu Nautiyal gave in depth understanding of the sustainability road map-Enablers, responsible stewardship, stake holder engagement and future proofing also explained sustainability frame work.

Way Forward on Sustainability Road map implementation at Units

Breakout session was planned and all the participation was divided in six teams covering governance structure, dash board, water conservation, waste management, energy usage reduction & optimization and value chain after which team presented their finding which were deliberated amongst the member and refined to form implementation approach.

Dashboard also got discussed and debated and everybody agreed to follow existing BRC format for monthly reporting

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