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We Are Launching the Beta of Our G4 Template with Lavola

It’s been almost a year now since we started talking about the {{LNK|Publisher|}}, the application we’ve built to help companies design and publish micro-websites to present their CSR Reports. We mentioned it {{LNK|here|}}, {{LNK|here|}} and {{LNK|here|}}, explaining why it’s important for companies today to use social media and interactivity to engage their stakeholders around Sustainability….and their reports!

Today, we are very proud to announce that we have partnered with the consultancy {{LNK|Lavola|}} to present a specific Sustainability report template based on the most recent version of the GRI guidelines: the G4.

The G4 template will provide users with an online report which tree structure has already been created according to the G4 framework. Pages of the report will be filled out with G4 indicators and suggested tables and charts to illustrate these indicators. Users will then only need to complete the different pages with their Sustainability data and customize their reports with additional maps or charts if needed.

Instructions, specifically targeted to SMEs, will directly be provided in the tool and enable any user to easily understand the guidelines without being a GRI expert.

The final result will be an online and interactive CSR report, readable on any device and enabling advanced interactions with stakeholders thanks to comments and social media features.

We are launching {{LNK|the beta|}} this week and will accept only a limited number of beta-testers. The beta will last for about a month and you’ll be able to publish your 1st G4 report online!

To ask for a beta invitation, please click here and type in your email address:

We can’t wait to see your G4 reports, and read your feedback about the tool!

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