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My Climate Leader Experience With Al Gore

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Do you remember ever reading an email which changed your personal or professional life for good, the type you can never forget? On my side, I received two of these last July: The first one was entitled “Work with us” and the second « You’ve been selected to become a Climate Leader ». They both came from {{LNK|The Climate Reality Project|}}, an organization founded by the American former Vice-President Al Gore after his movie’s huge success: An Unconvenient Truth.

His association launched numerous initiatives to alert the public opinion on climate change and spread the message about climate risks in our society:

• {{LNK|24 Hours of Reality|}} is a live online broadcast of climate related audiovisual programs all around the world,
• {{LNK|Reality Drop|}} is an online tool to reveal the denial around climate change and to spread the truth,
• The {{LNK|Climate Reality Leadership Corps|}} is an annual training enabling hundreds of climate leaders to be trained on climate change by Mr. Al Gore himself, and to learn how to communicate on the subject.

As you have probably guessed, this last initiative is the one I had the pleasure and honor to join at the end of July. With only few days to get prepared, I flew to Chicago for 3 intense days of sharing and debating with over 1500 other climate ambassadors coming from 50 different countries. In a huge convention center that only Americans can conceive, we were trained on diverse subjects such as climate science, the role of business in Sustainability and storytelling & social media animation.

Each person who participated to this adventure now needs to rally his or her network and organize several leadership actions or public presentations in order to spread the following climate message:

« YES, climate change is real. YES, it is man-made and YES the state of our planet is critical. But NO we shouldn’t lose hope and here’s how we can act to go out of this vicious circle».

If you’d like to learn more or organize a presentation where I could give you back the information I had the pleasure to learn, don’t hesitate to {{LNK|consult my page|}} and contact me by email!

Al Gore, but also Maggie Fox and Mario Molina from the Climate Reality Project, clearly made a point stating that « One person can made a difference ». I am proud to be among the 6000 climate leaders who make a difference at the Climate Reality Project.

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