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Creating a Digital CSR Report in 7 Easy Steps

For the past few months, Wizness has been helping you create interactive and digital CSR reports with the Wizness Publisher Application. The feedback we received from our first users helped us provide you with more tailored features and improve the usability and interface. We’re now completely ready to help you design and publish an online micro-site to serve as your Sustainability Report. But how to proceed?

Here’s our 7 Step Guide to help you design your Online Sustainability Report with the {{LNK|Wizness Publisher|}}. You’ll soon find a checklist of these steps directly in the application to make sure you’re all set to get started:

1. Define your stakeholder groups: When creating your report, define the different groups (customers, suppliers, employees…) you’d like to target your report to. These groups will be able to access a specific view of your report tailored just for them.

2. Build your tree structure: Build your structure with menu sections and pages, but keep in mind you need to tell a Sustainability Story.

3. Write your content: There’s a lot of different types of content you can add to your pages: text and images of course, but also videos, charts, tables, world maps, Google Maps and more!

4. Tag your pages: Tag each of your report pages with the stakeholder groups targeted by the information. Your stakeholders will be able to filter your report according to these groups and read tailored versions to match their interests.

5. Build your home page: Choose the pages you’d like to highlight on your home page and write a brief introduction for your readers.

6. Polish your design: You have the choice between different design themes and countless colors combinations to customize your report to your brand’s image and make it look unique.

7. Publish your report: Don’t forget to publish the report so your stakeholders can access it and share it on Social Media. We’ll soon have dedicated CSR Broadcasting and Community Management options with our Sustainability partners, we’ll let you know more in time!

We are also currently working on CDP and GRI dedicated templates. We’ll be looking for expert beta-testers so leave us a message if you’d like to hear, test and share your feedback about the tool before everybody else!

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