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Wizness Update : Customize the Approval Process for Content Submission

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The winter has come, Xmas is now just a few days ahead… and we keep striving to provide you with the best of CSR innovative applications.

The last, but not least should certainly please both community and company profiles administrators, as it empowers them to customize the approval process for content submitted by their stakeholders - which they systematically had to review and approve until now.

What does it mean? Well for a few days now, the most curious of you administrators may have noticed the presence of a new tab in your administration panel called “Approval settings”. It enables you to define whether you want content submitted by stakeholders to be subject to administrators’ validation, or automatically published within your community / corporate profile. If you chose the latter option, administrators will still be able to review the content afterwards.

The red cross means administrators will not have to check a submission for it to be published. The green tick, on the other hand, means admins wish to keep content submissions under control before publication. By default, admins won’t need to validate their own posts, but you can also change this option. Of course, this update won’t affect content that has been previously published.

You can customize this setting for two categories of members: administrators, and the rest of your stakeholders as a whole. This applies to articles, best practices and documents, and will soon be applicable to wall posts and events.

We hope this will make Wizness even more attractive to all, and wish you a Merry Xmas and a very good end of the year!

Yours, wiznessly
The Wizness Team

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