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How Social Media Will Change Sustainability Reporting

We’ve been discussing this topic for a while. {{LNK|Sustainability 2.0|}} back in May 2011, {{LNK|The Future of Sustainability Reporting|}} or {{LNK|The Tangled Story between the Web & CSR|}} more recently. It is now time to give you more insight on how Wizness aims to become the missing link between CSR Reporting and the Web 2.0.

As stated in one of our previous analysis, we believe most of the current Sustainability & CSR reports are built on the same, limited format: a unique, non-differenced content for all readers, an average length of 60 pages, a KPIs or specific data section only CSR “experts” can fully appreciate, all of this packaged under a design that is hardly attractive or appealing to non-experts. In other words, “long documents full of information looking for the right audience.”

But Wizness has come with the ambition of changing the game.

The « Wizness Publisher », The Easiest Way to Create Online Sustainability Reports

The {{LNK|Wizness Publisher|}} is the first application made available in our Sustainability App’ Store. It is a free online tool that helps users create aesthetic and interactive Sustainability reports, easily shareable on social media and readable by stakeholders on any device. This tool's main purposes are to:

• Bring a touch of interactivity in the reporting world: your report will be opened for comments and stakeholders rankings, and easily sharable on social media, which is a crucial step towards real dialogue and transparency.
• Help you differentiate your target: a tagging system will help you tailor your report to each group of stakeholders you identified, in order to provide them with content that is really significant to them.
• Increase your audience: Available on a mini dedicated website, your report will be optimized for search engines referencing, and ideal to read on current devices such as tablets and smart-phones.

As it has been clearly explained in the {{LNK|Multiple Messages Report|}}: “A company may want to broadcast a story about its own culture to its employees, that would be inappropriate to an external audience. An ONG on the other hand, will be rather attracted towards precise technical data, regarding specific projects, which would be meaningless to the employees.”

“Technology already enables stakeholders to select the content they want to receive, versus reading the whole report.” Social Media tools, and the {{LNK|Wizness Publisher|}} in particular, present new ways to engage companies stakeholders.

We are currently looking for professionals to provide us with their insights on what they think of the tool, its features and its concept. Want to receive a preview invitation? Join our {{LNK|Invite List|}} and get the chance to be part of the adventure and use the tool before your peers !

We’re looking forward to seeing you on the {{LNK|Wizness Publisher|}} !

The Wizness Team

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