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Green Movement and Green Education. Are you in?

We are living in a contradictory world where people are constantly struggling for the opposite ideas as there are always those who benefit from them and those who suffer. But it is not only people who may suffer from bad treatment. What about the environment? It does suffer from our activity and it does answer us with different natural disasters and cataclysms. But we can’t hear those answers because we don’t want to.

But people should think about it before the environment’s answer becomes devastating for the mankind. Some people realise it and join the green movement observed all over the word, it attracts many people, investments and creates a large number of jobs. It is important to get educated in the green sphere as each person counts when it comes to environmental protection.

London School of Business and Finance is one of the educational institutions who opens its doors to people who are willing to become part of the green movement and introduces a new {{LNK|MBA programme in Carbon Management |}}.

Carbon management is one of the steps on the path to environmental harmony. LSBF visualised the information about some positive changes observed in the carbon management industry for you to understand them easily.

The most striking figures are:

• $8,000,000 spent in research on green energy in 2011 which equals the price of a NASA space racket
• Millions of green jobs created, only in China there are 1,5 mln people with green jobs
• The top 5 sectors for investment are: solar energy, wind energy, biomass, biofuels and small hydros.

So are you part of the team polluting the environment? Or of the one protecting it? Or maybe you’ve never thought about it before and believe that you can’t do anything observable? Think about it again. The green movement is quite massive and as a big wave it covers more and more sectors and involves more and more people.

Just get in!


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