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Sustainability & Local Culture : McDonald’s Chronicles #2 > Take the survey!

Last week, we saw how McDonald’s – with its new website “{{LNK|Our food, your Questions|}}” - recently engaged in an opened discussion with a crucial group of stakeholders: its clients. However, the website is only opened to Canadian residents, and answered exclusively by McDonald’s Canada. Corporate communication, just like products, needs to be tailored to specific geographical areas and is directly affected by local cultures. But to what extent?

McDonald's strategy for different countries consists in different meals, different commercials, different messages adressing different cultures - but one goal: maintain a good reputation and stay close to their publics. Take a look at the way McDonald’s adverts differ from one country to another:

- In France, the country of healthy food & skinny people – no wonder McDonald's adverts are often about {{LNK|the quality of its products|}}… or simply {{LNK|full of veggies|}}.
- In India, the country of Bollywood, adverts often borrow the tone and humour of a {{LNK|traditional Indian comedy|}}…
- In Japan, famous for resident’s hunger for fashion, Ronald McDonald’s been replaced with a skinny, straight hair sexy {{LNK|lady in a tailor-made Macky D outfit.|}}. Japanese also have a preference towards animations, hence McDonald’s turn it into commercials and attracts young kids, teenagers and young adults {{LNK|with famous animation characters|}}.

What if we focus on sustainability and CSR only, what are the aspects McDonald’s insists on, do they differ according to geographical areas and local cultures as well? Or is sustainability/csr one global message to be broadcasted?

Our hypothesis would be that it is logically tailored to the close interests of local stakeholders too. But to what extent?

Let’s make a case study of two quite opposite entities: America, and China. Would the message be more focused on Health and Nutrition in the USA, and Social Philanthropy in China for instance? What are the differences in McDonald’s corporate communication in both countries, regarding sustainability and corporate social responsibility?

If you’ve ever lived in America or in China, {{LNK|help us find out by taking the following survey|}}!

The results of the study will be released on Nov. 9th!

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