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When McDonald's Answers All Your Questions...

Have you ever wondered anything at all about McDonald’s? Haven’t you ever had a burning question about any of their practices? What are the chicken nuggets made of... How is it that a McDonald’s burger doesn’t rot... Why don’t burgers ever look like those you see on TV... Well you are not alone, we probably all have. And in an effort of transparency, and because the burger giant has understood the stakes and benefits of maintaining a real dialogue with its stakeholders, McDonald’s Canada has started a new website called “{{LNK|Our Food. Your Questions|}}.”

The concept is simple. Type in your question, wait a few days and get your answer published. Sort questions by date, or “hotness” – filter by categories, beef, chicken, potatoes… Both in English and in French, answers can take the form of notes, containing links and videos. If a question you’re interested in has been submitted but has not been answered yet, you can follow the topic and get an alert. If you like what you’ve read, you can also easily share it on the web.

The question I can’t wait for them to answer: "{{LNK|What does Mcdonalds Corporate think and feel about the movie "Super Size Me" and the health effects that it portrayed?|}}"

The answer I liked best: "{{LNK|Why does your food look different in the advertising than what is in the store?|}}"

The funniest / most embarassing question: "{{LNK|I bought a Big Mac 3 years ago. How come it still hasn't molded?|}}"

A worrying one, I had never asked myself: "{{LNK|Does the meat in one burger patty all come from the same cow|}}?"

The denial answer, or the end of a myth: “{{LNK|What were your thoughts when someone found a chicken head in their mcnuggets|}}?”

The hypocrite answer: "{{LNK|Is Mcdonald's healthy?|}}"

Even though no one's got the means to verify each answer's objective and genuine, the process of giving stakeholders a chance to get involved in a real public discussion with the company - and get tailored answers - is what we consider a fundamental CSR notion, here at So we thought highlighting this transparency initiative could be a source of inspiration.

How do you feel about it? What is the question you'd ask, & what are the topics that may catch your attention? Share your impressions with us!

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