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Wizness Update: Become a Wizness Master with Your New “First Steps” Pages

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Hi Wizness members!

We thought you might need help identifying what the first logical steps are after you log into Wizness for the first time… How to share your favorite blog posts or follow your company’s page for instance.

To help you getting started on the platform, we’ve improved our First Steps Page with additional suggestions, and an interactive automatic update which takes place as you complete each step.

{{LNK|Discover these new exciting steps here!|}}

If you’re administrating a community or a corporate profile, you’ll even benefit from your own tutorial to help you manage your organization to the best! You’ll find it in your Administration section:

We’ve also quite improved the Wizness Home Page: don’t hesitate to add pictures to your wall posts and use the new left bar to find interesting suggestions, trending tags, must-read documents and upcoming events!

We look forward to your active participation!

The Wizness Team

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