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How to avoid hearing the phrase “you should have known” in 2022

On 4 June 2012 a silent revolution happened, and it went unnoticed
by many of us. In Europe, the number of chemicals in use classified as carcinogens quadrupled. If you are a Corporate Director or Manager you should have concern on the implications of this in the long run, as it is one of the few issues that may find you on trial for willfully neglecting EHS regulations in the workplace. We all know about the numerous asbestos cases which have pushed companies into bankruptcy and sentenced Directors to jail time. Twenty
years after the fact, it’s easy to question why those companies and directors didn’t take appropriate action. Today, 2000 chemicals have been added to the list of 600 chemicals that cannot be present at
your workplace. In ten years from now, it’s likely that we’ll see
another wave of Directors in the courtroom, claiming no knowledge of the issue and receiving the simple reply of, “you should
have known,” from the judge.

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