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GHG and Sustainability Consulting

Climate change will continue to be a hotly debated scientific topic for many years. Today’s reality is that, regardless of the science of climate change, the need to address GHG in your organization is real.

With the US rapidly moving towards GHG regulations, all consumers of carbon-based fuel will be impacted by a carbon-based regulatory program that will involve tracking, trending, trading and management of “carbon assets”. More than any previous environmental program faced by EHS professionals, the rapid movement towards GHG control worldwide will push GHG management and the environmental managers tasked with managing the issue squarely into the corporate “C-Level” circles of their organizations. The potential opportunities and risks associated with managing “carbon assets” correctly will necessarily escalate the need for a comprehensive, accurate and flexible GHG management system.

E2 employs experienced GHG and air quality professionals with capabilities in all aspects of carbon management. Our approach to GHG/carbon management is uniquely comprehensive. Combining our information management capabilities with our GHG/air knowledge base allows us to formulate systems and programs for our customers that take basic GHG emissions inventories typically executed in spreadsheets and incorporate them into robust management information systems (MIS) focused on “carbon asset” management. These management tools are geared around creation and maintenance of comprehensive, controlled, defensible, and repeatable emissions tracking tools that allow for routine updates of inventory status, tracking and trending pricing, and recordkeeping of transactions associated with a cap and trade scheme. E2 staff routinely is involved in the following types of GHG related issues:

--GHG Baseline Emission Inventories
--Interaction with Registries and Verifiers
--Tracking of Regulatory Developments
--Implementation of Cap & Trade Programs
--Assessment of Impacts of Non-Standard Air Quality Sources on GHG Inventories, Particularly Mobile Sources (Trucks, Trains, Ships, Planes)
--Energy efficiency assessment and implementation
--Air Pollution Control Evaluation, Design and Installation
--Agency Negotiations

For more information, visit or visit us at the E2 Managetech booth next week at SPF

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